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Get A Life

There is a way for each one of us to fight the system.

A way in which they will have a real problem manipulating our thoughts, ideas, and personalities. It’s something so simple, everyone from every walk of life can do it. It costs us nothing to do it, there is no risk involved, only benefit. We will become a smarter society, a more balanced society if we do it. Want to know what to do?


It doesn’t get any more simple than that. A single effortless action each one of us can take to stick it up the ass of all who seek to manipulate our lives. You see, without television they are practically helpless to make you conform to the politically correct thinking they are forcing down our throats. Nearly impossible to make you act on basic impulses to be a “super consumer”. It even shuts off their abilities to lie to you in the news to mold your political beliefs. The benefits to turning off television are endless.

But you want to know how you really screwed them? The longer you turn off your television, the more of their advertising dollars you’ve wasted.

Your children will be smarter, YOU will be smarter. Not influenced by marketing psychologists and the billions in advertising campaigns designed to turn you into a worthless citizen slave, you will make better decisions in life… based on what’s best for you.

Television is truly the enemy’s presence in your home. Without it, they lose control of your mind.

We’re told that everything in our lives is a direct result of our thoughts, good or bad. So what does it mean when our thoughts are stolen, changed, or replaced by the box that mesmerizes us in our living rooms?

Since the day we are born, the box is placed in front of us. Each successive generation placing the box in front of our faces. Telling us what type of people we should be, what we should eat, what we should drive, what to buy and how we should vote. We’ve been exposed to television for so long that we see it as indispensable to our lives.

“Oh my God, what would I possibly do without television?” Try reading a book, or exercising your fat ass. Maybe let your children *gasp* play outside. Who cares what you do, just turn off the fucking television.

I’ll bet you are incapable of even doing it. This is where it gets scary, I bet you won’t be able to turn of the very thing that is ruining your life. If you can’t turn off the television whenever you are in the house, I would have to say that you are no better than a drug addict. Just like the crackhead who is unable to control his behavior, so too is the person unable to discipline his life to not include TV.

And isn’t that the television’s job? The job of marketing professionals? To make us so weak, that we cannot force ourselves to detach from the very thing that is killing all of us?