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Environmentalism And America

So, you want to go “Green”…why? Is it because it’s all over television and the news and can’t think for yourself? Perhaps it’s because we’re bombarded with cute little logos of swirling arrows and leaves on all the products we buy. Maybe it’s because the media tells us that the big bad oil boogeyman is out to get us and they’ve raised oil prices again. They tell us we’re addicted you know, like a common junkie who needs to modify their behavior to save their own lives. We’re addicted to foreign oil, no I’m not… my car runs on it. If I could fill my tank with water from the hose, believe me I would. But this is the propaganda we’re force fed on a daily basis.

The earth is being ruined…and it’s all your fault. You must change your ways evildoer. You must be FORCED to change your ways, or be outcast from society, from work. Yes my friends, Eco-Fascism is here, welcome! The governments and corporations of the world aligning themselves against the citizens of earth, against you for CONTROL. That’s all this is about, world government brought to you by our government, multi-national corporations, the United Nations, and central banks.

I’m fearful this is the reason why the economy of America has been brought to its knees. Tell me Alan Greenspan and the heads of the Federal Reserve, a private banking institution, didn’t know what they were doing when they set the policy of cheap money and CREATED the housing bubble. Of course they knew what the outcome would be, of course they knew people would over extend themselves. And if they somehow didn’t at first, they had plenty of time along the way to figure it out. This economy had to be brought down to a level where capitalism could be contained. The only talk of new jobs is in the new energy sector of solar panels and wind turbines. Just how many middle class Americans know how to work on this equipment? And what about demand, I don’t see solar panels on anything other than the surveillance cameras at every traffic intersection.

Take this quote for example:

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme

Well that’s interesting isn’t it, and how exactly would they accomplish that? You see, they view our very existence through a much different prism than you or I. To understand this you must study their views on World Governance. Who the players are, how long this plan has been in place, and how the new Green is their strategy to harness World Government once and for all.

The facts aren’t important, only that you believe them.

“I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts
on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”
Al Gore

Who doesn’t see environmentalism for what it is… pure communism. I believe if you’re above the age of 35 give or take, then you’re the bridge. We’re the one’s who must somehow integrate this doctrine into our career portfolio to stay relevant with this tidal wave of change during our time. It’s the immersion of our children who don’t know what communism and fascism are that will be the upcoming citizens under control of world governance.

Of course there are things we as human beings can do to not destroy our planet, but that would imply that the reasons are legitimate and not concocted for world order on behalf of the elite. It also means that if we were truly a serious people, that we would acknowledge that mega-corporations are anti-capitalism and that if mom and pop stores across the nation were allowed to exist, there would be a far smaller “footprint”. It might mean that maybe you can only obtain a Starbucks in Phoenix during travel, instead of every 10 feet of retail space. That when you are in Las Vegas, you may have to seek out another brand of coffee not owned by a global corporation. Can you handle that?

We’ve been marketed since birth to be consumers of things, all things. Taught to buy a Lexus for it’s quality, craftsmanship, and stature… but lease it and trade it in after three years. Quality isn’t realized in three years, it’s when you’ve owned the Lexus for ten years and have only had to do scheduled maintenance that proves you bought quality. The fact that the specific model of Lexus you purchased was made obsolete after six months doesn’t mean you purchased quality… it means you’re a sucker.

But who is ultimately to blame? You can blame the people for their insatiable appetite to consume everything from cars to food, sure. But more importantly, maybe the corporations of the world should take the majority of the responsibility for the endless quest for corporate world domination. For the manipulation of the minds of people through marketing that only appeals to their base instinct emotions of fear, greed, and need for approval.

Am I off base here? And if not, what are we allowing ourselves to be forced into? Leave a comment and let’s kick this off!