Eat Bugs Like The Slave You Are

Humans are lower than snake shit in the eyes of the global elite. As the “Green Agenda” religion gains momentum and power, new and crafty ideas are ever being put forth in the name of a sustainable world. You see, if they can convince the peoples of the world that WE are responsible for ruining the earth, then THEY get to assume the regulatory role of keeping us under control. It’s just that simple. Pay no attention to the facts stupid citizen, ignore the fact that it’s our ruling class that engage us in endless warfare. Forget that those decrying the abolition of nuclear bombs, are the only ones to have actually used them. Ignore the poisoning of the earth and water tables through the use of depleted uranium bombs. Don’t pay attention to the fact that true capitalism of mom and pop shops has been hijacked by multi-national, global corporations… hell bent on extinguishing the flame of ingenuity created by the working man.

And don’t be surprised when these fucks at the United Nations seek to feed us insects…

Saving the planet one plateful at a time does not mean cutting back on meat, according to new research: the trick may be to switch our diet to insects and other creepy-crawlies.

The raising of livestock such as cows, pigs and sheep occupies two-thirds of the world’s farmland and generates 20% of all the greenhouse gases driving global warming. As a result, the United Nations and senior figures want to reduce the amount of meat we eat and the search is on for alternatives.

A policy paper on the eating of insects is being formally considered by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. The FAO held a meeting on the theme in Thailand in 2008 and there are plans for a world congress in 2013.

Professor Arnold van Huis, an entomologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the author of the UN paper, says eating insects has advantages.

“There is a meat crisis,” he said. “The world population will grow from six billion now to nine billion by 2050 and we know people are consuming more meat. Twenty years ago the average was 20kg, it is now 50kg, and will be 80kg in 20 years. If we continue like this we will need another Earth.”

Read entire article here.

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